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Specialized applicators

We connect you with the best applicator in your area for your specific case. Floors, stairs, bathrooms, walls, or furniture each have their unique characteristics, and there are specialized applicators for each scenario.

Showroom in Málaga

We have a Showroom in Málaga showcasing Mortex applications in bathrooms, floors, walls, and stairs. You can explore the color palette and discover the various available finishes and protections.

What is Mortex®?

The Mortex® system is a thin and waterproof coating for technical and decorative finishes, enhancing both interior and exterior projects with a mineral appearance reminiscent of “polished concrete” or “Tadelakt.”

Mortex® offers versatile applications, including showers, floors, stairs, walls, and furniture, each with its unique characteristics. There are specialized applicators for each use or a combination of them. We connect you with the applicator that best suits your needs and specific case.

This micro-mortar allows you to blend shapes, diverse surfaces, and infuse color into all your creative ideas. With its mineral and natural lime-based look, it brings a pleasant technical-aesthetic balance to your projects. Achieve a wide range of aesthetics by combining various colors, textures, and final finishes.


Immerse yourself in the universe of the versatile and multifunctional Mortex® coating, suitable for floors, walls, stairs, bathrooms, furniture, and more. This micro-mortar allows for endless combinations of color, texture, roughness, smoothness, and continuity, bringing your projects to life.

  • The extensive decorative possibilities and high technical performance make Mortex® the ideal material for use in Villas, Spas, pavements, terraces, and interior decoration in areas like Marbella.
  • Some of the most notable applications of Mortex® for countertops, sinks, kitchens, and stairs have been executed in Sotogrande, delivering high performance and mineral elegance unparalleled in its segment.
  • Expansive open floors seamlessly connected to terraces overlooking the sea have established Mortex® as one of the most cherished and utilized materials in La Zagaleta for continuous architecture, given its advanced technological features and high technicality.
  • Mortex’s® mineral appearance, natural lime-based composition, and excellent performance in contemporary wet areas make it the ideal material for renovating bathrooms and wet areas in old houses and country estates.

The Unparalleled Advantages of Mortex® Micro-Mortar


Its exceptional adhesion (15 Kg/cm²) makes it ideal for use in both new construction and rehabilitation projects. It can be applied on tiles, cement, boards, terrazzo, concrete, etc., without causing issues. If the surface is porous, a range of primers should be used based on the type of application, followed by the application of Mortex® with a trowel and/or spatula in several layers according to the protocol.

Its absolute impermeability allows it to be applied on any surface in contact with water or moisture: floors, walls, ceilings, bathtubs, terraces, kitchen countertops, sinks, showers, furniture, saunas, Turkish baths, spas, etc.

Mortex® multisurface coating provides great satisfaction for the expectations of the most demanding projects due to its thin thickness, making it an essential asset for renovations. Its application in thin layers allows for the use of only a small amount of product, and numerous finishes can be achieved based on the chosen installation technique.

Mortex® is manufactured in Belgium and is composed of 95% natural ingredients from Europe. Its formula is neutral and can be pigmented by the construction professional directly on-site, enabling more eco-friendly transportation and avoiding product wastage.


Its high resistance (400 kg/cm²) prevents it from scratching or cracking easily, making it suitable for application on floors and walls in both private residences and public spaces such as shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, museums, etc.

With its elevated flexibility (up to 60 Kg./cm²), Mortex® resists cracking easily. It is a highly versatile product that adapts to surfaces with diverse shapes. Various aesthetic finishes can be achieved, including smooth, ultra-thin, rough, scratched, or polished. The touch of creativity is always in the hands of the applicator, allowing for personalized customization.

Regarding the available color range, the company offers a palette of 80 different colors. Additionally, there is the option to create custom colors, providing an infinite array of shades.

Mortex® coating stands out from other micro-cement solutions in the market due to its mineral appearance. Its texture resembles that of stone, delivering a natural, warm, and sensuous feel to the touch.


Beal International was founded with the purpose of developing a range of products that provided solutions to various types of dampness and specific issues encountered in building construction.

Although originally Mortex® was an exclusively technical product, Beal International’s research efforts transformed this lime-based mortar into a continuous decorative coating. With an aesthetic resembling polished concrete, Mortex® can now be applied in both new construction projects and renovations, offering exceptional adhesion, high resistance, and absolute impermeability.


We have a showroom in Málaga featuring floors, bathrooms, stairs, finishes, and color samples. Visit us and get all your questions answered.

The elegance and customization, the contemporary technical performance, coupled with the evocative nature of mineral stuccos, make Mortex® one of the most cherished materials among professionals and designers who have collaborated with us in cities like Málaga, Seville, Córdoba, or Granada. They’ve chosen Mortex® to craft contemporary spaces with great personality, versatility, and adaptation to the needs of their clients.

  • Avda. José Ortega y Gasset, 268, bajo. P.I. El Viso. 29006 Málaga.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mortex is a continuous mineral coating (stucco) of natural origin that can be applied to a wide range of surfaces both indoors and outdoors, without limitations on joints. It allows for the decoration of surfaces with the mineral appearance of stone, rock, sand, and more. It can be applied in various ways, using different tools and techniques, resulting in a diverse array of final appearances. By combining textures, pigments, and effects, Mortex offers nearly limitless possibilities for customization and aesthetic variations.

No, Mortex is a micro-mortar that is not cement-based but is instead composed of various types of lime. This not only imparts remarkable environmental qualities in terms of ecology and decarbonization but also provides technical and aesthetic qualities distinct from micro-cement. The difference in composition, combined with the technology implemented in the formulation of all Mortex range products, ensures high performance and technical capabilities with longevity. It maintains a consistent level of performance throughout its entire lifespan.

Mortex is employed for the continuous and jointless coating of all contemporary surfaces: walls, floors, stairs, furniture, countertops, pool edges, and particularly in water-prone areas such as showers, bathroom floors and walls, sinks, bathtubs, and more. Additionally, it allows application on various surfaces, including mortars, drywall, structural panels, wood, etc.

The main drawbacks of using micro-cement in comparison to Mortex always stem from the technical performance aspect.

Mortex relies on key technical pillars: mechanical and abrasion resistance (hardness and strength), flexibility (non-elasticity), adhesion (on any surface), and water tightness (hydrophobicity). These qualities and technical performances make Mortex a self-sufficient, technically effective, and decisive material, without the need for enhanced performance through final coatings. Its aging and stability over time are distinctive features, usually avoiding issues over time, ensuring its use in good conditions and facilitating maintenance.

In a general sense, micro-cements often fall short in achieving these levels of performance and capabilities, especially in terms of their long-term persistence.

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